“Audrey” responds to “Michael Aunin”‘s statement on the sovereignty and independence of his homeland in two films and puts him in an awkward position!

Al-Marsad newspaper: Israeli military spokesman for the Arab media Avichai Adre responded to statements made by Lebanese President Michael Aun on Saturday about Lebanese sovereignty.

In a tweet on his Twitter account on Monday morning, Adrey said: “Commenting on the words of the President of the Republic of Lebanon, Michael Aun,” the Lebanese people are not partners in defending the freedom and sovereignty of their homeland. “We present two images.

Adre released a picture of the late General Qasim Solomon, the commander of the Iranian Goods Force, who said he would be placed on a street in the town of Kobiri in the Lebanese Mount Lebanese governorate’s Babta district.

The second photo is from the desert, which was hung on the way to Beirut International Airport.

Following Iranian reports on missile capabilities in Lebanon and the Gaza Strip, Lebanese President Michael Aun yesterday confirmed that Lebanon is responsible for its independence and sovereignty and for the decisions it makes.

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