Arizona is looking to repeat the Los Angeles Dodgers for survival

After a long break for National League teams, Arizona Diamondbacks And Los Angeles Dodgers They will return to the diamond Dodger Stadium Deny the second assertion of the key.

The voice of “Sports Ball” Inside Angels Ruled Major League Baseball 09:07 ET, time Jack Galen (Dbacks) and Bobby Miller (The Dodgers) will meet from the box.

Those at home will face this commitment, needing to win a victory to increase their chances of advancement.

Arizona tries to “check”.

The desert team will try to put it into practice “Cheque” Tonight at Cheaters to take the streak to their limits.

For this commitment, the employer Arizona Diamondbacks He did not touch the base of players. He will repeat the sequence and his spear will be back Corbin Carroll, Christian Walker And Lourdes Curiel Jr.

ArizonaBacked by their ace and the potential for a quality start, they will try to repeat the doses by attacking their opponent early.

All or nothing

Los Angeles Dodgers They looked like the favorites in the bracket, however, as a popular saying in baseball goes: “The ball is round and comes in a square box”.

Set up HollywoodSupports its highest notes, Mookie Bets And Freddie FreemanThey will try harder Gallon Come back with a win in the series.

Homework Angels It doesn’t look simple on paper. Arizona They are a small team full of good hits and unbreakable chemistry.

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Today’s queues

Without major changes, Arizona Diamondbacks And Los Angeles Dodgers Faces are seen again with very different realities.

The first wants to create one’s frame and the locals want to confirm their home and their flag section.

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