Argentina grants asylum to Venezuelan opposition leaders holed up in its embassy in Caracas

(CNN) –– Foreign Minister Diana Mondino from Córdoba said the Argentine government had granted asylum to Venezuelan dissidents who were guests of their country's embassy in Caracas.

Mondino added that diplomatic action had been approved and a safe passage was still being negotiated. “It's not that easy,” the chancellor said.

A source familiar with the case told CNN that the beneficiaries were Venezuelans Claudia Masero, Pedro Uruchurtu, Magali Maeda, Humberto Villalobos, Omar Gonzalez and Fernando Martinez Mottola.

CNN has asked Venezuela's foreign ministry for information on a safe route for them to leave the country, but has yet to hear back.

On March 26, President Javier Millay's office noted that the Argentine embassy in Caracas had welcomed Venezuelan opposition leaders into its facilities. According to the statement, the people were received based on the Vienna Convention on Diplomatic Relations and because of “concern” about what the Miley executive described as “deterioration of institutional conditions and acts of harassment and persecution.” Directed against political figures in Venezuela.

The events come as Venezuela prepares to hold its next presidential election on July 28, as the opposition accuses Nicolas Maduro's government of suppressing its leaders and preventing them from participating in the independence contest.

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