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As a mechanical engineering student, Luis “Abuelo” Álvarez has developed in recent years the ability to analyze and solve problems, among other skills that he has managed to land in the discipline of archery.

In his reinvention for the Tokyo 2020 Olympic process, the Mexican archer found a point where his engineering knowledge converges with archery.

“Much of the knowledge I acquired helps me to function better as a goalkeeper,” he said in an interview for LA VOZ DE LA FRONTERA.

Once he returned from his first Olympics in London 2012, where he was fourth-place team, a decision had to be made between studying or staying squarely in high performance. The first option seemed the most viable.

“I had entered the University and had the idea that I was no longer going to compete, that I was simply going to study, perhaps only at the National Universiades.”

But on his return from London it was the opposite. There were more competitions ahead: Central American and Caribbean Games, Pan American Games, World Championships and a second appointment at the Olympic Games.

“I had to focus more on the sport,” he added, “my focus and energy was more on training and I am very grateful to my University for the support and understanding.”

It has been so, that as a mechanical engineering student he has been able to combine his career with sports to grow as an archer.

“I have learned a lot of analysis, the bow is material, it can be made of aluminum and it is one of the materials studied in engineering, in addition to the design and to make a better analysis of the free body of the bow, the flight and the dynamics of the arrow, that is where I want to focus ”.

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That is another of the projects in which the Mexican wants to work in order to make the use of the bow more efficient.

“In fact, I ask any engineering student, professors, who want to join in finding a more efficient way to tune the bow for help, it is something that I like a lot, since I have applied a lot of knowledge and it has worked for me.”

Being a high-performance athlete, it has been difficult for him to do tests, but the moment when he will be able to work on a new arch design, stabilizers, even on a brand, is near.

“If I want to continue helping archery,” he commented, although he does not see himself as a coach.

“I consider that I do not have the vocation and patience, at some point I want to transmit the knowledge that I have acquired, as a school I do not know, because I am still focused on training, but it is not something that I discard”.

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