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Model He surprised locals and strangers by talking about his daughter in the middle of a trip to Istanbul, Turkey, where she will take part in the reality show “The Power of Love”.

In your account , ‘Reality Girl’ Skyler said she was in the care of her grandmother: “I have a complex problem, my weakness. She’s with my mom, she knows I’m working, she knows I’m done, I flew for her.

The model admitted that she had lost her daughter so much that it was very difficult to accept her participation in an international reality show. This forced her to separate from her daughter.

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“Yeah I miss her, I miss her, she’s so hard, it was so hard for me to make this decision, but I have so many reasons. The good thing about this is that my family is supportive of me, my mom, because she’s responsible for her.” Shirley Arika explained.

“Sometimes we have to make some decisions to achieve certain things in life”, Added.

‘Reality Girl’, pointed through tears: “I love her with all my heart and she knows I miss her so much. My friends, those closest to me She knows how long it took me to make this decision, I don’t know what else to say, I’m very sad when I talk about her. “

Source: Instagram Shirley Arica

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