Apple would have a great idea to take advantage of the space between the screen holes

The rumors continue to gain strength. This week we told you that the iPhone 14 Pro, when turned on, will show a single hole on its screen. This is thanks to the pixels between the two slots being turned off. However, a new rumor anticipates that the new smartphone from Apple will also take advantage of this “dead” space in certain situations. The idea, a priori, sounds great.

in forums Mac rumorsthe user is supposed to be familiar with the operation of the iPhone 14 Pro screen, it mentions The device will display privacy indicators in the middle of the holes.

You definitely remember that when apps access your camera or microphone, they appear Green or orange indicators To let users know that these components are in use. On the current iPhone it is displayed on the right side, next to File slit. However, with the iPhone 14 Pro, they will be located in the middle of the holes in the panel.

But it will not be the only novelty in this regard. The leaker say what The brightness of these indicators, when active, will be noticeably higher than the rest of the iPhone 14 Pro screen. This will allow to capture the user’s attention so that he is always aware of the use of the camera and microphone. They will not go unnoticed when we are in a bright environment and the panel brightness is increased to the maximum.

Let’s be honest. On iPhones today, we rarely pay attention to privacy indicators. However, Apple wants us to give it due attention. In addition to having a higher brightness on the iPhone 14 Pro, the fact that it appears inside a completely black hole will help catch your eye, without a doubt.

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How credible are these rumors? Let’s go with the parts. One with ‘one hole’ when the iPhone 14 Pro was on, and it spread Mac rumors. However, the information was He was endorsed shortly after by Mark Gormanjournalist from Bloomberg And perhaps the most trusted source when it comes to future Apple products.

The subject of privacy indicators is another story, as the user who shared these details has no history of previous leaks. In any case, it is better to treat both reports with caution and wait for the Apple keyword. And the

Remember that the event will take place next Wednesday, September 7 at 7:00 PM in Spain and 12:00 PM in Mexico. ?hypertext He will be present at Apple Park to serve you all the advertisements. The biggest champions are expected to be the iPhone 14 and Apple Watch Series 8, which should arrive this year accompanied by the “Pro” variant.

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