2022 Inaugural Standings: Motagua snatches lead from Olympia!

Tegucigalpa, Honduras.

At the end of the seventh day of the 2022 opener at the Celato Ugles National Stadium, Modagua ended Olympia’s unbeaten run with an 89th-minute goal from Argentina’s Mauro Ortiz.

Christopher Melendez crossed and the South American winger beat goalkeeper Eric Menjiver with a low shot from the right, giving Ciclon Azul their fifth win of the championship.

Hernán ‘La Dota’ Medina’s side toppled Pedro Troglio’s team from the top and are the new leaders of the Honduran National League with 17 units, one point ahead of their neighbours. Motagua is the only unbeaten team in the tournament.

Life, third

The Reds moved up to third place with 14 points from Vida after a 1-0 win over Real Espana, who share fourth place with Victoria.

La Jaya added a draw (1-1) when visiting Brava Marathon, which has the same eight points as Olancho FC, with a 1-2 win against Lobos de la UPN on this date.

Honduras Progreso added its second win of the tournament after defeating Real Sociedad (4-0) and Riberaños are now in eighth place with 7 points.

Both UPN and Real Sociedad are at the bottom of the table with three points.

Position Schedule:

The next day:

Success-Life (7.30 PM)

Royal Society-Motagua (2.00 pm)
Olancho FC-Real Spain (3.00 pm)
Marathon-UPNFM (3.30 pm)
Olympia-Honduras Progress (4.00pm)

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