Anthony Blingen, Colombia’s Vice President, receives: “Our association is absolutely essential”

Marta Lucia Ramres with Anthony Blingen (via Andrew Caballero-Reynolds / Pool REUTERS)

President and Vice President of Colombia Marta Lucia Ramirez, Meets US Secretary of State Anthony Blink, USA Before the meeting, Both made statements to the press.

I am pleased that the Vice President and the Minister of Foreign Affairs are with us today. Partnership between the United States and Colombia Absolutely essential“Blingen noted.

I add: “We work together on many topics and in many ways“It’s a great pleasure to have the opportunity to continue that work this morning and to deepen the federalism in so many challenges. I think there are some opportunities and I look forward to the conversation.”

For his part, Ramares thanked Joe Biden’s government official and said:Like you said, this is a long story we have together., Working together for the values ​​we share: democracy, growth and job creation. We have many challenges in common, and this has been a very important relationship for Colombia. “

Anthony Blingen and Marta Lucia Ramres (via Andrew Caballero-Reynolds / Pool REUTERS) before the meeting
Anthony Blingen and Marta Lucia Ramres (via Andrew Caballero-Reynolds / Pool REUTERS) before the meeting

We must maintain this commitment to increase opportunities for our people not only in Colombia but also in the United States.. And, for us, it is It’s a relationship and we always want it to always be in the first place. So thank you so much for giving us this opportunity. Thank you, because I know you are from a long journey, so that is the significance of our relationship. Thank you, ”said the Colombian.

As announced InfopaAlthough the president’s visit is expected to take place last Wednesday or Thursday, it has been confirmed that Ramres will be in the United States for a few more days. The decision comes after a meeting with the foreign secretary entered the Colombian political agenda..

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At first, the meeting was rejected because the Colombian foreign minister appeared to have no place for the Americans to attend. However, The meeting was confirmed this Friday to Wednesday.

In recent days, Ramரres has met with representatives of the IACHR, prominent White House officials, and Democrat Congressmen. Ivan Duke also created a space for the meeting officer to be one of the harshest critics of the government’s administration During the National Strike: Democratic Representative Jim McGovern.

Through a message posted on your Twitter account, Ramres admitted that he had an important conversation with a North American member of parliament. “I talked about human rights in the framework of social protest in Colombia. We are moving forward with a constructive agenda based on transparency and democratic principles, ”he stressed.

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