Cassel, Roberto Abdul and Mildred Camaro were released by the Public Ministry this Monday at 30 o’clock.

Prosecutor Tarek William Sapp on Friday issued summonses to members of the National Primary Commission, Roberto Abdul, Jesus Maria Casal and Mildred Camaro, alleging fraud in the primaries.

Saab indicated that Jesus Maria Casal, Mildred Camaro and Roberto Abdul-Hadi Casanova were summoned to the main headquarters of the Ministry of Public Affairs on Monday in response to complaints made to the MP, as reported Thursday night. Investigated as of 10/30/23.

He noted that he appointed the 73rd National Prosecutor against Organized Crime and the 8th National Prosecutor with jurisdiction over crimes related to Chime; An investigation should be carried out.

“We must recall again that Article 293, Section 6 of the Constitution establishes the CNE as the body responsible for organizing the elections of trade unions, professional unions and organizations with political objectives.”

MP Derek William Chopp confirms he has proof of primary “rigging”: He’ll subpoena Cassel and Camaro

The Attorney General, Tarek William Saab, confirmed this Wednesday that the opposition primary was a fraud, announcing that he had evidence and that he would summon the president of the CNP, Jesús María Casal, his vice president, Mildred Camaro, and others.

In the MP’s statements, Saab called the primary a “buffoon” and “prop theater” intended to “deceive those who came to vote in good faith.”

“The willingness of those who came to express their will was mocked. “This comical act reminded us of the referendum held by Marcos Pérez Jiménez in 1957 in the middle of the dictatorship, in which he was re-elected to the government and received 86.7% of the vote.”

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According to him, the CNP has “abandoned” the CNE and confirmed that it heeded his call to open an investigation, referring to the statements of José Brito.

Saab pointed to Brito, but Nelson Rampersad accused the CNP of “fixing the numbers”.

In this line of thought, he pointed out that pre-eligible crimes are usurpation of electoral functions; identity theft; Money laundering and criminal association, and embezzlement activities.

Saab did not mention the fact that the CNE did not provide technical assistance to the primaries, and cited Article 293 of the Constitution, Article 6, which establishes the ‘CNE as the body responsible for organizing elections’. Trade unions, guilds Professionals and organizations with political objectives.

“For this reason, the president and vice president of the National Primary Commission will be investigated: Jesus Maria Casa and Mildred Camaro, respectively. The public complaint with details constitutes evidence; “but we do not rule out calling witnesses to expand beyond them the complaints made during the fraudulent event.”

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