Sabrissa talks with Mexican coach Rafa Puend Jr.

Mexico is also one of the candidates leading the current champion Costa Rica

42-year-old Mexican coach, Rafah River Bridge One of the strongest candidates for adopting the technical direction Game Sabrisa From Costa Ricto; In recent days, conversations with the strategist have intensified.

Close sources And being close to the coach’s environment has confirmed that the former is a strategist Atlas Mexico He is close to joining the Purple team to adopt Thibacino’s technical direction in the Costa Rican club’s game overhaul for the next few years.

Rafa Povent Jr..Despite his young age, he has an important career in football Mexico, He has previously directed in the promotion category and in the highest category, his main achievement in 2017 when he managed Wolves BUAP Get promoted.

Since then, he has already gained experience directing Quetaro and Atlas, the latter being the last managed team, he was sacked on August 20, 2020, after which he has not been on any other team.

The Game Sabrisa From Costa Rica It is the most successful club in Central America, reaching its 36th title and the team with the most titles in the entire region.

Mauricio WrightCosta Rican Hellman Thibacino was the team’s last coach, and he reached the title after being an interim strategist since the departure of Roy Myers.

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