Annette Kupuru: From bikini to flirty neckline, the driver’s most dangerous look

This is no secret to anyone Annette Bridge He is one of the best entertainers thanks to his excellent work over the years as a member of the star cast of the morning show.Come on, be happy“, a very successful one Aztec TV.

At the age of 47, the model can say that her popularity is reflected in the thousands of followers she has on different digital platforms, as she has more than a million followers on Instagram alone, making every content she uploads go viral.

It is precisely in this social network Annette Bridge The 47-year-old has shown that fashion is a part of her everyday life by flaunting her figure with a risqué look that suits her perfectly, upping the ante that she maintains.

Anette Cuburu’s best looks

One of the looks Annette Bridge Adding more interaction on Instagram, she modeled a green blazer, which drew a lot of attention due to its accented neckline on the front. All viewers”Come on, be happy“They said he had a big body.


Making it clear that she has a great figure at the age of 47, the beautiful host raised the temperature of her followers by uploading a picture on Instagram in which she styled a daring blue dress that showed off all her curves.


Despite his great popularity, the presenter Aztec TV She takes time to relax and enjoy a few days away from the television cameras, which is not a reason to stop sharing pictures on social networks, because she always shows the luxuries that she has every day.

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An example of this was a few months ago, Annette Bridge Looking eye-catching in a green bikini, she flaunted her full figure in one of the most risque pictures we’ve ever seen. Most fans agree that she still has a great body at age 47.


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