Florida Mesa shares a bikini photo taken by Cesperito

For five years, one of them received a flower from him every day. Florida Refused to have a relationship with Roberto Gomez Polanos “Cesperito” Because he was married and was persecuted by them Female audience.

It was in the mid-seventies, and was part of the cast of “El Chao del 8” and “El Chabulin Colorado”, the director’s girlfriend. Enrique SekovianoResponsible behind the scenes of both products.

“El Chabulin Colorado” and Roberto Gomez Polanos as Florida Mesa

“I’m been opposed for a long time because you have colleagues who create problems and you have a relationship with your boss because you have to be very stupid,” Mesa recalled in an interview with Slavic.

In 1977, when the issue of both the barrel and “El Sapulin Colorado” was at its peak, the wall collapsed, and one day Gomez Bolanos showed up at his house to live together, with only one dress he was wearing. After less than a year of relationships.

“We were severely criticized by the press,” he said on the Mexican show. We said, “We will turn a deaf ear.”

So they began a relationship that lasted 45 years, until he died: “I lived with him longer than he was without,” he recently said on a red carpet, to which he was invited.

Already together, Gomez Polanos has composed hundreds of songs, poems and drawings that he has treasured with joy in his memory.

Yesterday, the actress uploaded a photo of herself in a bikini on her official Instagram account, who went with her with the message that her partner was taken precisely whoever she is, surpassing 12,000 in a few hours.

“My rapper always wanted to photograph me without even knowing it. I took a lot of things while I slept. When I realized it, he said to me: ‘You look beautiful even when you’ve slept,’ ‘he wrote.

Currently, the translator of “La Chimoltrufia” and “Doña Florinda” intends to write his own biography, which is far removed from the series being made about his partner, and he confirms that he was not informed of it.

“I find out every time they ask me (the press). I’m going to create my autobiography, in which, to be my Roberto, I have to be because of his 85 years, he lived 40 without me and 45 with me, i.e., no way. To separate one from the other “, he explained last March.

They never had children because the actor, through vasectomy, did not want disputes between her heirs in the future, she accepted it, however she had the intention of becoming a mother.

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