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The is heart Because it is not a simple place where we prepare food. On several occasions, it becomes the perfect room to share interesting and unique moments, right? In addition to being the epicenter of family gatherings, this environment is constantly evolving.

Over time, this room adapts to the latest trends. Painting the walls, shifting the furniture, and renovating the floor are the most notable changes. In addition, we don’t need to do big work to change the decoration.

Although many of them do not exceed 10 square meters, the lack of space is not an excuse to give up Kitchen style. However, what is the best way to take advantage of a micro environment?

How to make the most of space in a small kitchen

By searching for solutions to take advantage of every inch of kitchenIt is necessary not to improvise and Designed from an idea. Once we comply with this indicator, we must take into account Provided by architect and interior designer Clara Bunda:

small devices

When the room is not too big, it is recommended Put small appliances. “Today, there are very effective devices out there, even if they are small. Any ideas? A sink that you can cover with a cutting board and use as a lid when you don’t need it. The mini oven which allows you to have a drawer for cutlery on topThere is another one for cooking utensils below.” Bunda explains.

occupy the walls

Likewise, the expert recommends laying “High furnishingsGood “Electrical appliances usually take up the space under the counter”. As Clara states, the infallible trick is Make (the furniture) from floor to ceiling and then paint it like a wall“.

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Don’t forget about color

Believe it or not, color affects the decoration of the kitchen. So much more when renovating a small room. White and light tones are often thought to expand spaces, but sometimes The kitchen with all the darkness has more personality Hence, it is more elegant. says the architect.

dynamic elements

In dialogue with the specialized site Clara Bunda also suggests Sliding doors installation also “transparent elements” for Expanding the concept of space.

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