Angels Pena responded after a controversial tweet about ugly people on TV

Following a controversial tweet from an executive branch adviser to the Directorate of Government Strategy and Communications, Maria Altacracia de Los Angeles Pena PenaCritic of the news reporters’ image on various TV channels, he apologized to those who felt bad after these reports.

If someone is offended because I understand that I am saying it in a derogatory way, “I’m sorry”.

He also clarified that they did not take it out of context, “I think there are many boxes if you look. Many comments from miscalculations”.

தங்கThe gold coin that everyone wants is not me, whatever I say in this country it always generates ideas.

Peena argued that the tweet arose as a result of reports published at the book fair.

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ண்மைThe truth is, I’m so sorry because of the TV (working in the media) models, we are selling a movie.

“There’s no point in any reporter delivering news like a rectangle player with a band showing off his shorts from behind,” he added.

“The important thing is that people need respect, so we have to take care of the way we present ourselves to the public and the people,” he concluded.

These reports are presented in the El Sol de la Manana¨ project.

The origin of the conflict

Maria Altacracia de Los Angeles Pena PenaCriticized the image of news reporters on various TV channels.

He said the following through his Twitter account. ¨Channels need to pay a little more attention to the image of their reporters and their news presenters… .. How ugly and badly dressed people are on TV.

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Immediately, comments for and against these statements came immediately.


It is recalled that Angels Pena was appointed to that post by Article 3 of Order 684-21 in 2021.

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