Danilo Medina “does not know” if the Ministry of Public Works is investigating him

Former President of the Republic, Daniel MedinaHe said he did not know if the public ministry was investigating him.

After attending the Dominican Liberation Party (PLD) House this Friday Vote for the new members of the National Morals and Ethics CourtMedina refrained from making statements, but responded in part to questions asked by journalists.

“The president, as one of the members of this organization said, to find out whether the public ministry is investigating it or not,” the journalist said, to which the former president replied, “I do not.” I know “he went towards your vehicle.

PLD Secretary of Legal Affairs Jose Dondes has accused the public ministry of seeking to harm the former president’s image by refraining from issuing further statements and boarding his vehicle.

Dondes declared that there was no fear that Medina would be investigated within the PLD.

Pepco did not find anything of Danilo Medina

Myrna Ortiz, the case co-ordinator for the Special Adviser on Administrative Corruption (PEPCA), has confirmed that she is investigating former Republican President Danilo Medina.

“We’m going to say that not enough components have been found, which is a condition of the law,” Artis said in an interview with SIN Group’s El Despertador project, which starts daily at 8am with Color Vision: 00am.

He acknowledged that their numbers were not enough to defeat Lukashenko’s government, but said that maintaining some independence was not the answer.

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