WhatsApp, some users have to pay a subscription

Share Is one of the sites Instant message Used every day by millions of people around the world, to solve personal, work or school problems News, photos, videos, video calls, voice notesEtc.

What is the main advantage of this site Free, I.e. does not charge peso for any service it provides. Although that has recently started to spread the word Some features may be chargedThis confirmed the team The goal.

WhatsApp, some users have to pay a subscription. Photo: Freibick

WhatsApp will charge for some features

According to the WABeta info portal, the messaging platform will start charging for new features in a service associated with the WhatsApp business.

It is important to make it clear that this charge does not affect static users, and that it will not be mandatory for everyone who uses the WhatsApp business unless they need to use new tools that plan to launch the meta.

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What is known so far is that there will be 10 related devices instead of just 4 devices in the company’s accounts, but it is not known how much the subscription will cost, the additional benefits offered and the weekly plans. Or monthly.

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With this information, WABeta Info will get a new interface that manages multiple device options over time, which can now only be used on a computer without the need to always connect your cell phone. WiFi.

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