Andre Jardin doesn’t want to argue about Quiñones’ dismissal

The trainer America, Andre JardineI don’t want to get involved in controversy through drama Cesar Ramos and VAR They don’t consider the drama involved Julian Quinones He beat Santos in the first half.

“I want people to talk like that about other teams and sports. He stayed all week whenever it happened with America. I watched the play, Julian thinks to pass, the pass turns into a win, he’s a player. “He didn’t make a defensive move, he finished the attack, “Julian is very loyal, I’ve never seen him make a mistake, it’s an extraordinary refereeing decision.”

On the other hand, he spoke about his team’s performance, which managed to win despite defensive errors that kept them with a considerable advantage. Position Schedule.

“We have to learn to celebrate in games like this, Santos has a good team, they should have more points, personally I like their forward line, they are at a high level, the goals are specific mistakes, we have to correct them, we don’t suffer, we analyze the mistakes, I left a match where the conditions were not so good, we came back, we lost the second goal and a third, the team was strong, we created more than four goals, Acevedo blocked three or four goals “we are looking for variations like today, a group with a lot of talent in front of us is.”

About injuries to his team FIFA DateThe Brazilian expressed his dismay at what happened Diego Valdez With the Chilean team.

“We are very sad, we did everything we could to take care of the players, Caceres is a player we took care of, it is important that he does not play, I am not going to include him in three games in a row, the risk is high. Diego was not 100% at the FIFA date, he played 60 minutes, that is his limit. , we know he won’t be able to play both games, the injury is coming, it saddens us, we have to work with the national teams, who are the most affected are the players, try to prevent this from happening again, the whole club is moving to make sure it doesn’t happen again.

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