Andr இs Eberkin revealed that the United States had intimidated him and forced him to leave

Andres Iberkin Ma broke the silence and pointed at him Turbulent exit from Club America, He assured that it happened in a hostile environment Came to intimidate and threaten In the game aspect, the Azulcramas wanted to get rid of him.

He explained in detail how he was left out of the Colombian team, even to an extent that was not considered by the coaching staff, but finally lives another reality after he leaves today Copa And sign Santos Laguna.

“I start the semester after the GNP Cup, end up in the eleventh, unfortunately an injury occurs and after the injury I suffer from covit disease. There was an attitude at first where we disagreedThen they say there’s a possibility of them leaving, they have told me before, I know, so I’ll see that this is not the only project, but already in the middle of the competition it will be difficult, “he said in an interview with Fox Sports.

“After the injury I started taking minutes off the bench and then with the conclusion that they were not going to put me off relatively if I did not do what they said. I said, ‘No, this is not what the club says, I have signed something, they can not intimidate me.’. There was a talk, in which no agreement was reached. If I didn’t go, there were things that I wouldn’t play with some teams like it already happened. I told them with relative respect: ‘You can decide, I will always prepare well, and if they put me down, I will have peace of mind,’ ‘he explained.

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The situation did not change when Piojo left

Iberkin He thought his situation might change at that point Departure of Miguel Herrera And visit Santiago Solari, In the end it didn’t happen, he was sidelined.

“It started because they took me less into account, and then all of a sudden they said, ‘If it’s not sporty, it’s extra sporty. A new technician is coming and may suddenly have a chance to work ‘. I’ll be in the first game and then see how you disappear overnight“, He concluded.

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