“An injustice!” They harshly criticize Andrea Mesa, and Miss Peru comes to her defense

After coronation Winner of the Miss Universe 2021 beauty pageant, Andrea Mesa Creates headlines regularly. Some admire the talent and beauty of the 26-year-old Mexican who appears radiant No cosmetic dropOthers are not satisfied and say that the Miss Universe crown should have gone to Miss Peru, Janic Macetta, As they reveal, is “highly prepared”.

“Peruvian theft was obvious. Peruvian winner, his English sin, his answers are excellent. Injustice they did to Peru. She deserves to be Miss Universe,” one user wrote on social media. “Mexico should not have won because of the lack of good answers; I don’t know what to say in the first round, it was bad in the second round. Brazil was sexy and its answers were good. Peru is a simple woman, with ambitions and good English,” he said. Others.

Prior to the reports, Miss Peru released an emotional video with Mesa. “Congratulations Beauty! What a joy to meet you, a person who enlightened everyone around her, I love you so much, I will never forget the laughter we share and the moments we live in,” he wrote below in the video where we see them posing for the cameras and laughing. “I wish you success in this new phase. May God be with you and may you always be blessed and protected. Here you have a friend for life.”

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Miss Peru defends Andrea Mesa’s victory

Before concluding her message, the Peruvian Miss asked for more love and respect from her 750,000 followers. “I will not accept any kind of negative feedback. We are all respectful. We will use our sites to carry positive news.”

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The video, which has already been viewed more than a million times, has more than 170,000 views Like, Appreciated by his fans.

Rodrigo Varela / Getty Images (2) Miss Peru (left) and Miss Mexico

“It’s so nice to see that all of you had friendship and mutual respect, no matter what others said,” one fan commented, to which Macetta responded: “It hurts me to be filled with negative comments because he is my friend and I will protect her at all costs. She does not shine on others.” , We are a clear example of togetherness, love and friendship.If you love me and support me Stop bullying“.

Janic Macetta Instagram

The Peruvian challenge made history by entering the top five and finishing second.

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