The legislature plans to allow a further $ 800 million in debt

Finance Minister Alejandro Zelaya says the country has not yet exceeded 90% of its debt in terms of GDP, but according to the Federal Reserve, total public debt will reach a total of $ 22,978.91 million by March 2021.

In the full session on the 4th of this month the legislature approved an additional $ 600 million in loans, which will be used for loans in childhood education and health.

During a meeting of the Assembly Finance Committee yesterday, representatives of the new ideas and PTC parties approved a favorable opinion to approve the four credits to be voted on today.

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Approved loans are defined as follows:

  • $ 250 million to fund the Emerging Healthy Together project: with the International Bank for Extensive Early Childhood Development and Reconstruction and Development (IPRD) in El Salvador.
  • Project Greiser Y Apprentice Jundos: Integrated Development of Early Childhood in El Salvador with IPRT.
  • 100 million for a project to improve education quality and coverage: Nasser, Greiser, Apprentice with Inter-American Development Bank IDP.

Another $ 200 million Solidarity Guarantee to the Development Bank of El Salvador (Bundesel) is pending with IDB for the first project for credit access to recover micro, small and medium enterprises (MIPYME). Juan Pablo Duran, chairman of the Bundesliga, is coming to the Treasury Commission to expand its content.

“We are going to invest in training public sector teachers and directors to improve the quality of education at an early age and to improve the physical learning environment,” explained Susie Colejas, vice president of News Ideas.

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With this new loan, Finance Minister Alejandro Zelaya says the country has not yet exceeded 90% of its debt in terms of gross domestic product (GDP), however, the Federal Reserve estimates that the total public debt as of March 2021 was 9,22,978.91 million.

Compared to the same date, but in March last year, it was identified as having grown to $ 2,445.17 million.

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