An explanation of the ghostly face and hand found on Jupiter

newly, NASA has captured strange-looking photos in space In the middle of Halloween, many associate it with supernatural phenomena.

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NASA, a government agency that has undertaken countless missions and research, has made two unusual discoveries that have attracted attention.

It is the face of Jupiter and a nebula in the shape of a skeletal hand, as revealed.

About “face” The image was taken during a close flyby by the Juno mission. That was with JunoCam Who managed to capture images of swirling clouds and storms in the northern regions of Jupiter along the planet’s dividing line, which divides the day side from the night side. From this atmosphere, it appears that the face resembles the face of a painting by Pablo Picasso.

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According to the world Vladimir Tarasov, this photo was taken thanks to flying at an altitude of 7,700 kilometers above the cloud tops of the planet, Providing unique sunlight that contributed to the drama of the image.

Face of Jupiter

NASA/JPL-Caltech/SwRI/MSSS/Vladimir Tarasov

And now, also in the region of Jupiter, ‘Skeleton hand. It was known thanks to some X-ray telescopes 16,000 light-years from Earth, in the MSH 15-52 nebula, which captured a bright hand-shaped cloud formed after the collapse of a massive star.

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This phenomenon This happened because when the star exhausted its nuclear fuel and collapsed, it left behind a dense remnant known as a neutron star.. These neutron stars, called pulsars when they rotate rapidly and have intense magnetic fields, generated powerful winds and jets of energetic material that formed the nebula.

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Jupiter is the largest planet in the solar system and still holds many secrets. NASA is working to understand all the phenomena that occur around itThe majority are with IXP telescopeAnd the, Which allowed the team of scientists to reveal new findings about this extraterrestrial world.


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