An artificial corneal implant works wonders for a blind person

People with severe vision or blindness have an extra chance to regain their vision with the help of technologies coming from SF movies.

Someone who was legally classified as blind has regained his sight with the help of technology developed by Cornet. The man was 78 years old and was the first person to benefit from an artificial corneal implant, according to data obtained. Israel Home.

Gadget used in Implant process Created by KPro Cornet It is the first to be integrated directly into the wall of the eye to replace a scar or deformed original cornea caused by various diseases. The main advantage of this technology is that no donated tissue is required.

Even Recovery process It will not last very long. The patient was able to identify his family members and read the numbers on the test schedule as soon as the operation was completed.

Of note, the cornea is the transparent layer that covers and protects the front surface of the eye. Unfortunately, over time, that is likely to change. Scars can also appear on its surface, and all of these can negatively affect your eyesight.

In theory, patients with deformed cornea have artificial corneal implants, but surgery is more complicated and is only recommended in severe cases where traditional corneal implants do not work.

In contrast, the Cornet proposed solution is reflected in a much simpler replacement process, with minimal cuts and a small number of stitches. In addition, it is made of a biometric substance, the latter of which “stimulates cell proliferation and leads to progressive integration with natural tissues,” according to data provided by the manufacturer. To better understand the whole process, see the clip below.

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