What to choose? Kefir, healthy, whipped milk or yogurt?

Marilena Oprişanu, personal chef, nutritionist and former Masterchef participant, tells us early on that dairy products are healthy. The composition of milk contains more than 100 nutrients, such as: 20 amino acids, more than 10 fatty acids, 25 vitamins, 4 types of lactose, more than 45 minerals and many proteins. Milk proteins are easily assimilated and give you a feeling of fullness. However, there are also negative aspects: lactose. Especially in adulthood, when the digestive enzyme condition worsens, lactose intolerance appears more and more frequently, manifested by bloating and abdominal discomfort. Foods high in lactose are condensed milk, powdered milk, whey cheeses (urda, ricotta), processed cheese and cow’s milk. At the opposite pole are ripe and fermented cheeses, ”says Marilena.

Degreased or whole?

Dieters believe that low-fat dairy products are much better for their figure than those that are high in fat. Well that’s not necessarily true. The fat extraction process is chemical, which affects the qualities of the product. “It is better to eat whole milk in less quantity than skim milk. Skim milk contains more lactose than whole milk. Measurement is the key. You have to know that butter, cream, cheese, melted cheese, consumed in excess , increase cholesterol levels and implicitly the risk of cardiovascular diseases ”, says the nutritionist.

What kind of milk is better

If we are going to make a classification, the best milk is goat’s milk. Followed by sheep’s milk, buffalo’s milk and, finally, cow’s milk. “Cow’s milk from certain farms contains growth hormones that can cause cancer in humans,” explains Marilena Oprişanu.

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Kefir, the best of yogurts

Not sure what to choose between kefir, healthy, yogurt or whipped milk? The nutritionist recommends kefir. It is the only one that contains a bacteria that cannot be modified, nor is it compatible with chemical additions from other types of yogurt. kefir It does not contain milk powder, flavor enhancers and thickeners, like other products. The only aspect that influences the flavor, from one brand of kefir to another, is the fermentation time.

Plain yogurt. Even if only dairy products and dairy crops are listed on the ingredient label, many companies use powdered milk and added flavor enhancers.

Fruit yogurt. It contains sugars, aromas and colorants that do not contribute anything to the body. What more pounds. Choose plain yogurts that you can combine at home with fresh fruit.

Drink yogurt. It’s like plain yogurt, only with a higher water content.

You. It is fattier than other types of yogurt, but has the same fermentation method.

Whipped milk It has another type of bacteria, otherwise it has the same nutritional properties as other yogurts.

greek yogurt. It is very greasy and can replace cream. For this reason, it is not the type of yogurt that you should eat frequently in the morning, with cereals.

Butter It should be eaten carefully and in moderation because it contains a lot of fat (more than 70%).

  • Choose fermented cheeses! Most of the lipids and proteins present in milk are usually concentrated in cheeses, along with many mineral substances such as calcium, phosphorus, sodium, etc. The healthiest are the fermented and ripe cheeses: telemeau, parmesan, emmental, etc. You recognize them by the holes inside, when you cut them with a knife. But they are very fat. “The more fresh milk is used, the more aggressive the lactose is in the composition. If the dairy products are fermented naturally, the risk is much lower. Fresh cow cheese, cheese, mozzarella, processed cheese, urda or ricotta are high in lactose and should be eaten in moderation.
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