An Amazon driver has been shot after a TikTok video of a woman getting out of her truck went viral

The video, which has collected a staggering 11.4 million views, appears to have been filmed from a window of someone’s apartment and shows the driver opening the back of the truck, from which a woman in a black dress with no shoes exits. The TikTok user who posted it said he was registered in Florida.

In response to the video, people joked about why the woman was in the truck.

Someone joked: “The parcel will be delivered within 9 months.”

Another read “That’s why my new phone case is late”.

But since he rose to fame he has caused serious repercussions. “This does not reflect the high standards we hold for our delivery partners and their drivers,” an Amazon spokesperson told TMZ.

“Allowing unauthorized passengers to enter delivery vehicles is a violation of Amazon policy, and the driver is no longer delivering packages to Amazon customers,” he added.

Commenting on the video, people questioned whether it was appropriate to post it and said they felt sorry for the driver who was kicked out.

Someone said, “Don’t be a snitch.”

Another said, “Congratulations, you fired this guy.”

Indy100 contacted Amazon for further feedback on the incident.

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