Amazing 110 inch 16K TV from China

Forget 8K – here’s the world’s first 110-inch 16K TV!

The highest standard in screen resolution ever TVs are 8K and 33 million pixels, however, what was seen at Display Week 2023 in Los Angeles blew that precedent: Chinese manufacturer BOE presented a 110-inch, 16K television with 132 million pixels.

Vincent DioVery popular HDTV Test YouTube ChannelIt does comprehensive reviews of televisions, screens and projectors Be the first to spot BOE’s new 16K TV.

Forget 8K. Here’s the world’s first 110-inch 16K display unveiled by BOE #DisplayWeek2023. LCD based, max 400 nits. Although the resolution is unreal, there aren’t even close-to-visible pixels.

— Vincent Teoh (@Vincent_Teoh) May 23, 2023

A 16K TV has a resolution of 15,360 x 8,640 (which equates to 132,710,400 total pixels), a contrast ratio of 1,200:1, a 3% DCI-P99 color gamut and a refresh rate that hits 60Hz.

A 16K TV has four times the pixels of an 8K TV and 16 times the pixels of the 4K screen you currently use at home.

Teoh also took the opportunity to shoot a video of BOE’s 16K TV showing 8K content artificially upscaled to 16K using AI.

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