A video of the Ukrainian attack on the Russian ship “Ivan Harz” denies Moscow’s version

The video was released by the Russian Ministry of Defense

A video Marine drone Ukrainian Navy Attacks Russian Ship It appears to be denying the version circulated by Moscow officials, who confirmed yesterday that the ship went down in the Black Sea.

Yesterday he Ministry of Defense of Russia said his warship “Evan Harz” The early morning attack failed Three Ukrainian speedboats Near the Bosphorus strait off the Turkish coast.

In a statement published on Telegram, the Russian ministry said it was protecting the warship’s gas pipelines. Turkstream And Bluestream – It transports gas from Russia to Turkey, partly via the Black Sea.

According to a military memo, the attack took place “in the exclusive economic zone of the Republic of Turkey”.

“All enemy boats were destroyed by the weapons systems of the Russian ship 140 kilometers northeast of the Bosphorus Strait,” he added.

Russia said it was a spy ship “The fulfillment of the established tasks continues.”

Russian officials released a video Unmanned boats Ukrainians are exterminated.

Video released by Russian Ministry of Defense Editor: A

However, a new scenario emerged today Maritime drone on target. The video was published by various Ukrainian media, but its authenticity could not be independently verified at this time.

I don’t know that now.”Ivan Herz” suffered damage. Some pro-Kremlin propaganda channels published images of the alleged cruise Phosphorus. However, these are old pictures.

“Ivan Harz” is the only spy ship of the Russian Navy Black Sea. Off After the sinking of its flagship, the Moskva, in April 2022, it was confirmed that the attack would be a new blow to the Russian Navy.

ship before being attacked

Episodes can increase anxiety Black SeaRussia agreed last week to extend the deal to let Ukraine in. Export of grains safe from their ports.

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Kyiv has not commented on the alleged attack.

In its statement yesterday, the Russian ministry cited the attack Justification for Russia to expand security measures on its pipelinesAlthough it does not mention any impact on grain shipping safety.

The Russian Navy’s large Orsk landing ship departs in the Bosphorus (REUTERS/Yoruk Isik/File).

In September, some explosions ruptured gas pipelines North stream 1 And 2Transports gas from Russia to Germany under the Baltic Sea.

Despite allowing the grain initiative to continue for two more months, Russia has continued to complain that the West has not finalized a deal to remove sanctions on Russian grain and fertilizer exports.

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