Alex Fernandez Jr., with a broken heart

Although he lived a “moment of prayer and anxiety”, he describes it, Alex Fernandez Jr.. He has been producing his new song for a long time and points out that he has mixed feelings, but as he says he is trying to follow his “Tata” teachings Vicente Fernandez, In meeting his audience, for now his focus is more on his family.

Juanata replaces Juan Pablo Medina

Catalan actor Oscar Zainada, Protagonist “Continflas”, The actor in the starting character Juan Pablo Medina In a series Disney. Medina had a three-week job when he suffered from thrombosis, which still keeps him in the hospital. The Spanish actor had finished a series Julio Vern, When Disney was invited to this new product. People close to Medina point out that the actor is stable, but still soft and somewhat depressed because of the amputation of one of his legs, which is why they assess the need for psychological help.

“El Denorio Semico” frees Covit this time.

While liking some TV products “Master Chef Celebrities” They are not protected from infection Govt 19, In others such as staging “Comic Tenorio” Since all the tests were negative, they assume that they came up with a white balance for its first show this weekend. This was shared by actor Lalo Spain, who is part of the cast. “Thankfully all the negatives and vaccines”, and they shared that the theater they provided was disinfected for every activity.


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