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J. Paulvin This week has unleashed a controversy – and this is nothing new – in the Latin Grammy universe, announcing the appointments for its 22nd edition on Tuesday, September 28th.

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Recadon from Pisa shared a message on his networks in which he attacked the awards and proposed to organize a boycott.

“Grammy doesn’t value us, but they need us. This is nothing against my opinion and other genres because they deserve all the respect. But the trick is already boring. We give them. Evaluation. And excellent regression performance.

(Background: Don Omar and other artists who responded to Jay Paul’s comments)

Shortly afterwards, in another drill, he wrote: “Those who have power in the genres, no one should go. That’s all because we are a movement,” he added.
He was immediately criticized even by his own colleagues.

This is not the first time Paul has thrown darts at the Latin Recording Academy Latin Grammy: In 2019 he was one of the constant bearers of the movement in networks.

“I do not agree with the area used by us Evaluation And then we don’t take what we deserve in our own category, “said Jay Pauline Instagram, In 2019.

At the time, the academy sought to mediate the fight: “The members of the academy, by their votes, choose what they deserve to be nominated. The academy has never affected their decisions, always adhering to and respecting their choices, even if there are individuals who disagree with the results, citing the official document of the same year.”

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Did they leave him alone?


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Unlike what happened two years ago, this time he was the target of harsh criticism from Jay Paul when Riccaton figures such as Daddy Yankee or Maluma joined the air show.

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One of the first responders was a resident, Puerto Rican Rene Perez, Former member 13th Street: “If Grammy doesn’t respect us, why do I have 31 awards; I’m not urban, I’m not rap or what kind of talk are we talking about?”, He later said in a video Deleted from his Instagram account.

“Since I saw him yesterday, they have recommended many colleagues to keep him, you bastard … C. Tangana, Rao Alejandro, Agapella, Nathi Beluso, Bad Bunny, Eladio Carian, Osuna, Carol G, Farooq, DJ Nelson, Jay Cortes, Farina, Rafa Babon, Utual, Beatrice Luvenko, Mike Towers … “, adjusts Perez. In the same way, if there are styles that are “not on any list,” they are “jazz, salsa,” Posa Nova Brazil or Flamenco “.” Your music is like a cart Hot DogIt can be liked by many or almost everyone. But when those people want to eat well, they go to a restaurant, and that restaurant gets Michelin’s stars, “he continued. Resident.

Music expert and podcaster Alberto Marcena – who has run the Los 40 station in Colombia for many years – sang the fight between Paul and Resident “on Twitter” a while ago. “

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Critics of the Resident were added Don Omar -Done and discard Flow HP, Which has already reached close to 9 million views on YouTube – posted a comment in the Resident publication: “So you’re at least the leader of the revolution above all? There is no worse darkness than ignorance.”

Yottuvel, a singer from Cuba, Orissa, who recently led a cultural revolution with his song Homeland and life He released a video in which he also questions the penny: “The day you talk about Colombia in a song, you put yourself in the shoes of Colombian people in a song and stop thinking about numbers and arrivals, and then you and I and we talk about the urban movement.

After the turmoil, only Jay Pauline was able to say: “I respect your comments.”

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