Alejandra Espinoza undergoes surgery for a radical physical change

Alejandra espinosa A new cosmetic surgery was performed. Contrary to the conclusions of other women, the TV presenter removed the breast implants because it caused them some health problems.

Despite his retirement, he attended the dedication he had at the annual USA Television Univision. During the event, Espinosa described how he feels after his surgery and who is behind his recovery.

I had surgery, but I’m fine, I’m been asleep for so many days (since December 1st). I’m been missing out on social media a little bit because I’m actually been in bed and relaxed.“The model, who previously suffered from facial dysfunction due to a severe migraine, admitted.

He also said that after the implants were removed, he felt much better with more energy. “Emotionally good,” he said.

Although she is young, her young son Matteo knows a lot about her and seeks to protect her at all times.

“Children are an example to parents, so Anibal is very attentive to me, if he has him, he will keep me in bed all day, he will take care of me, really; In other words, he is always very alert and he always uses the word ‘protect’. I always say to him, ‘Dad, you don’t have to protect me’, I tell him ‘I protect you’ and he says ‘No, I take care of you too, I take care of you. Revealed the model.

In addition, she commented that the little baby is so adorable and that her husband and son are blessed to treat her as the “queen of the house”.

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Regarding his plans for this Christmas, he commented that although he would have to travel to Puerto Rico this year to see his partner’s family, they would have to be in Miami to prepare for the action in the first week of January.

It turns out that the model Participates as the protagonist in a new telenovela to be recorded in Mexico Therefore, they should have moved on for at least a year until the records were completed.

“This year our turn came in Puerto Rico (they are changing), but we’ve going to go to Mexico in the first week of January (for their first role played by Telenovela). We’ve been in Miami for almost five months. We’ve been going to Mexico for almost a year and it falls exactly between Christmas, Christmas and New Year’s Eve, I’m there, I’m supposed to be home for Christmas and New Year, ”he commented.

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