Again? Bad Bunny tried to grab a fan’s cell phone at halftime

Bad Bunny has been placed as the most successful composer Today, his tour, the hottest tour in the world, was packed in every single city the Puerto Rican performed in.

however, He has been involved in several irregularities in the last few monthsIt involved a fan who was left without a cell phone while trying to take a selfie with a reggaeton player.

What did Bad Bunny do?

Everyone knows that Bad Rabbit is an NBA fanEspecially from the Lakers, he did not hesitate to help in the fight against Golden State, where LeBron James’ team won.

However, the picture going around the world is the video where you can see Benito Antonio Martínez Ocasio, also known as Bad Bunny, who realizes that an amateur is recording him, Try picking up the phone.

How was Bad Bunny’s aggression against a fan?

Earlier in the year, a video was released of the Bad Bunny walking on the side of a ship. A fanatic approached him to take a selfie very close to himThe reggaeton player threw his phone away for it, receiving countless criticism.

After the facts, it was learned that the aggrieved fan was considering filing a lawsuit against the bad rabbit, It required him to issue a public apology, which was not forthcoming.

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