After provoking Japan, China raises tensions with Taiwan: announces it will carry out “usual” maneuvers near the island.

Chinese aircraft carrier Leoning (Reuters)

The Chinese navy indicated that it would continue to conduct training exercises “on a regular basis” in the waters near Taiwan. According to the official Chinese military news portal, spokesman Gao Xiucheng confirmed that the Liaoning aircraft carrier had recently carried out maneuvers in the area.

The brief statement indicates that it is Maneuvers “Regular training exercises organized according to the annual plan”, Which aims to test the effectiveness of the troops’ training and increase their capabilities Defending national sovereignty and the interests of security and development (of China)”.

Similarly, Taiwan’s Ministry of National Defense announced this Sunday Ten Chinese military warplanes flew into its air defense identification zone (ADIZ).

On March 26th Taiwanese authorities found the largest intrusion of a Chinese military aircraft on their ADIZ – an area not bound by any international treaty – since September last year, just hours after Taipei and Washington signed the first agreement of the Joe Biden era at the White House.

In response to a law passed by China, Taiwan and the United States set up a Coordinating Committee for Coast Guard, which allows its Coast Guard to open fire on foreign vessels.

Taiwan Coast Guard patrols the Matsu Islands (Reuters)
Taiwan Coast Guard patrols the Matsu Islands (Reuters)

The Beijing regime considers Taiwan part of the territory of the People’s Republic of China Fought 70 years before the end of the Civil War The island is administered autonomously In the name of the Republic of China.

According to the Hong Kong newspaper South China Morning Post, Leoning aircraft carrier crosses Miyako Strait in southwestern Japan on Saturday, Just days after Beijing demanded that Tokyo set aside “all provocative movements” in the Diou / Sengaku Islands, which both countries claim.

A Chinese H-6 bomber on a voyage near the Taiwan Strait (Reuters / File)
A Chinese H-6 bomber on a voyage near the Taiwan Strait (Reuters / File)

The media reports that in recent days Many U.S. warships have sailed in the East China Sea and South China Sea, And they have been training with regional allies such as Japan.

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The presence of American ships in the South China Sea, according to some researchers Send support message to PhilippinesThe government recently described it as a “lie” that more than 200 Chinese ships anchored in the water were protecting themselves from adverse weather conditions.

While Beijing assures that these boats are fishing boats, Manila condemns it as a naval fighter, helping to strengthen Chinese control over those waters.

(With information from EFE)

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