AEMET scares with the image coming from space to Spain

The government meteorological agency reported that a new storm will enter the entire region of Western Europe and the Mediterranean slope starting on Sunday. Affecting Spain, Italy, Portugal and France.

After Ciaran, which has already left its mark on a large part of the national territory throughout the week with strong winds and rain in many places and with particular intensity on the Galician coast, a new storm has now appeared, Domingos, which has since been observed on Saturday in many areas of the country. And that On Sunday it will hit the northwest peninsula hard again.

This was announced by those responsible for the European space programme Copernicus Through a post on their official account Estimating the size of the storm over Europe.

It appears that Domingos will have a very noticeable effect in Spain, whose borders are practically not noticeable in the image due to the size and density of the clouds flying above them, providing an idea of ​​what the next few days will be like. It was characterized by heavy rain and strong winds.

“After #Ciaran, another storm is approaching Western Europe: Domingos, which will bring strong winds, high waves and heavy rain to France, Spain, Portugal and Italy. Domingos, as seen by Copernicus on November 3,” they noted in the letter. .

In addition, AEMET itself has already recommended staying away and in safe places on Saturday due to strong wind gusts occurring in the northwest of the country, with winds Up to 160 km/h in Estaca de Paris (La Coruña) and 143 km/h in La Pinilla (Segovia).

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This strength puts it in the category of hurricane winds (over 120 km/h), leaving stunning images in… Waterfront walks to some Galician towns With waves several meters high as a result of these weather conditions.

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