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This change has caused him miracles. Through social media, She has shown her impressive physical transformation over a period of 12 months. Today, the TV presenter wears a new look, which he gradually designed, every month.

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The Puerto Rican artist He has shown not only the ability to perform roles in novels, but also the ability to host television shows. He is currently in charge of the Telemundo space “Hoi Tia”.

Determine the best quality of life He decided to deliver a 360 degree change in his life and achieve his best version by wearing the updated image, which has generated endless positive feedback. Next, we will describe the evolution of today’s new look Former partner of Tony Costa.

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Adamari Lopez has been ridiculed by many since gaining weight (Photo: Adamari Lopez / Instagram)

The evolution of Adamari Lopez over 12 months

October 2020

All he wanted was to improve his lifestyle and hope to use it with his daughter Alaya Adamari joined the WW project as an official ambassador and began the transformation process. “[Es] One way to know if I have the best weight to be with her “, Actress People told my Espanol magazine. “I started with WW in January and the epidemic annoyed me a little bit [en octubre de 2020] I’m back on track and I’m willing to make sacrifices. “Added.

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Among other things, this month, is glorious “Amigas Y Reveals” actress The first step was to completely eliminate sugary drinks. He practiced this habit for the next few months so he would see the first results.

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I drank 6 or more sodas a day It is obviously not good for the body, it is high in sugar, So I changed it completely for water, Said the presenter in a live broadcast via Facebook of People.

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January 2021

Adamari Lopez She put together a routine that would allow her to achieve her goals based on her physical appearance. She also decided to check out her food as she now enjoys small portions. Among other things, he carried out his daily physical activities.

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The exercise routine caught on in February, so the changes began to show even more clearly. I exercise daily, Including running. I’m already reached 3 miles a day in more or less 35/40 minutes. “, Adamari said.


This month is important to see how Adamari Lopez lost weight due to exercise routines and good nutrition.


As she began to wear new clothes her new figure inevitably began to show. The TV presenter had a very youthful appearance and a very stylized figure.


During this period, Adamari Lopez did not hesitate to share his achievements with his followers on social networks. Netizens quickly praised this physical change Puerto Rican actress.


Looking at the results, Adamari Lopez said he has lost about 20 pounds in these months.


“It took a lot of effort”Recently revealed the former partner of dancer Tony Costa.


As everyone began to look better, Adamari Lopez began to gain confidence in himself. “I feel at peace with the decisions I have made.”, He said in a recent interview with People en Español.


The ceremony at the Billboard Latin Music Awards was a confirmation of the whole process of this change Adamari Lopez wore a stunning purple dress He left little to be imagined, but above all his self-sacrificing transformation was successful.

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