According to British intelligence he made a deal with Putin and Wagner

Shooting in New Zealand overshadows start of Women’s World Cup David Beckham talks to CNNE about Messi’s arrival at Inter Miami. Are you traveling to an area affected by a heat wave? Here’s what you need to know. What is “Barbenheimer” and how to get the most out of it? Here’s what you need to know to start the day. First the truth.

1. Putin made a deal with Wagner to “save his skin”.

Richard Moore, the head of Britain’s MI6, has provided the first confirmation from Western intelligence that Yevgeny Prigozhin, head of the Russian mercenary Wagner, actually made a deal with Putin to end his advance on Moscow during the failed June 24 uprising. Moore said Russia’s president “reached a deal to save his own skin.” An extraordinary speech in Prague.

2. Shootings in New Zealand cast darkness at the start of the Women’s World Cup

At least two people have been killed and several others injured after a shooting inside a building in Auckland, New Zealand, police said Thursday. The news casts a shadow over the 2023 Women’s World Cup, which starts this Thursday in the city. Mayor Wayne Brown described the incident as “a terrible thing.” “The rest of the world looks to us for football.”

3. What we know about the American soldier who entered North Korea

For the first time in decades, a US soldier is believed to be in North Korean custody. The US military identified him as Travis King, who faced disciplinary action for the attack and spent 50 days in a South Korean detention center. This is what we know.

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4. Why would a third impeachment against Trump tarnish his legacy?

Some citizens are facing a perfect storm of legal threats to sink Donald Trump. And since he’s a past and future president running for office, the entire country can share in his historical experiment. Analysis by Stephen Collinson.

5. How much do soccer players earn to play in the Women’s World Cup?

FIFA will allocate US$152 million to the 2023 Women’s Soccer World Cup, three times more than the previous edition France 2019 and ten times more than Canada 2015. Women’s football is increasing its visibility, competitiveness and, little by little, recognition. What is the difference between what players earn from playing in the Women’s World Cup and what men earn from the World Cup in Qatar?

At coffee time

What is “Barbenheimer” and how to get the most out of it?

It’s the movie event of the summer: Greta Gerwig’s “Barbie” and Christopher Nolan’s “Oppenheimer.”An “emotionally devastating” three-hour epic It hit theaters this Thursday.

“I’m very grateful”, testified Castaway, who wandered for three months with his dog

An Australian sailor spent months adrift in the Pacific Ocean with his beloved dog He told his extraordinary story Survival based on raw fish and rainwater.

Are you traveling to an area affected by a heat wave? Here’s what you need to know

Scorching temperatures broke records and wreaked havoc on some of the world’s most popular tourist destinations. These are some of the answers Important Questions Travelers May Ask Themselves

Scientists link constipation to cognitive decline

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Chronic constipation, defined by the authors as having a bowel movement every three days or more, was linked to a 73% increased risk of subjective cognitive decline. Research presented at the Alzheimer’s Association International Conference.

Tennis player leaves in tears after opponent destroys controversial mark on court

Chinese tennis player Zhang Shuai pulled out of the Hungarian Grand Prix in tears after a tense incident with Amarissa Toth in which Toth used her legs. Remove the contested ball mark from the course.

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$720 million

This is the estimated value of the jackpot This Friday’s Mega Millions Draw.

Today’s philosophy

“He’s not here to win and inspire the next generation of footballers in this country.”

This is what David Beckham told CNNE about Lionel Messi’s visit to America To play for Inter Miami.

And to finish…

Drone images document impressive work progress on Notre Dame Cathedral

On April 15, 2019, Notre Dame Cathedral caught fire, causing extensive damage to its structure. Four years later, a drone recorded the images How is the demolition work progressing to rebuild it?

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