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Santo Domingo.- President Luis Abinader and expressed their concern on Wednesday about the situation of the Chamber of Accounts (CC), which controls citizen participation, controls public resources and fights corruption and impunity.

In separate statements, the president and the Dominican chapter of Transparency International said he felt like a trusted prisoner after reports from the watchdog’s head, Janel Ram√≠rez, acknowledged that the agency was in a state of impersonality.

Abinader said the situation of “independent power” was alarming, and noted that the Senate of the Republic had “few ideas” on the matter.

Before taking office as head of the body, the head of the CC revealed that “I didn’t get into it”, by ensuring that the body’s plenary approved a regulation against the law, in some cases he had to do “whatever the plenary said, even if it was against the law”.

Certain interests prevent completion of devaluation

After learning that “private interests have made impossible the necessary agreements to rid the institution of the disrepute it had fallen into during previous administrations,” members of the PC met with the full body of the institution and some of its members individually.

Among the major problems identified by the organization at the Chamber of Accounts, some of its members led by its chairman have strongly questioned the over a hundred audits left unsigned by the previous administration.

“The audits lacked technical quality, and active members and previous administrations confirm that they were created with the intention of concealing circumstances and benefiting officials involved in malpractice,” the agency said in a statement.

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The Board of Accounts does not require its members or special training in auditing, the majority of whom are accountants, which explains the inefficiency in detecting irregularities and theft of public resources as audits are carried out in non-compliance with international standards. .


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