Abinader receives Raul de Blasio at the National Palace

President Louis Abinader Received an international pianist at the National Palace Raல்l de Blasio This Friday, November 12th on a courtesy call due to his presentation in the country.

With Art Producer Performing on many occasions on Dominican soil, Amuri Sanchez, de Blasio, thanked the people who once again found themselves “with the same affection, with the same warmth, with the same smile, after a very difficult season for all.”

Named for this new concert The heart of the Dominican And in the words of the artist, he seeks to reflect his image of the country, “not just the beaches, but the face of the Dominican people and the heart you have.”

Di Blasio is mesmerized by his piano and his good humor

El Piano de addressed his words to national reporters United States, As he is known internationally, said it was the inspiration for a new melody “reflects the face of the people I see, the people who always smile, the people who always have a certain spirit and sense of humor. He is a music lover ”.

It is an instrument performed in Pachatta, one of the Dominican rhythms representing the country around the world, and performed on stage with musicians from that country.

He said he was happy to resume his art shows Dominican Republic.

“I am very happy to have the resumption of art activities here. It’s the first concert after this stage and it’s so beautiful to come home and feel this new stage start with this new default ”.

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A presentation of the Dominican Heart is scheduled for this Friday at the National Arena.

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