Luca Martinez chooses Mexico as national team over Argentina

Luca Martinez Dubuque said he was “very committed” to Mexico because the selected team was consistent in his game despite the distance.

Before Luca Martínez Dupuy He has already made a decision about his future and is leaning towards choosing Mexico over Argentina., Beyond that his native belonged to that South American country and he spent his childhood only outside the South Corner.

“Recently Mexico called me at U21 level, I went; they always take me into account,” said Luca Martinez Dubois, who says he was “very committed” because he was a national team or watched him from a distance.

“I feel very determined and I am going to leave my life for Mexico,” he added. Therefore, Luca Martinez DuPont confirmed that “he is confident” and will continue on the Mexican national team.

“I am very committed to the national team. I think they deserve to decide to play for Mexico. The truth is, I am very grateful and proud to represent the country. I was born in Mexico, this is my land and I will represent it with everything in it,” he added. Said.

He wants to play in Liga MX

Lucas Martinez has confirmed that his club, Rosario Central, have never opposed the transfer of him to the tricolor.

Regarding the future, he said he is very comfortable with his regular team Rosario Central, but he knows that sooner or later he will move abroad, and it is not surprising that in 2022 he will change the scene.

Luca told his representative and his father that he had a survey a long time ago and was interested in Mexican clubs, but to date nothing has been confirmed.

His contract for Rosario Central expires in the middle of next year. He hopes that if he leaves the club, “it’s good for Central” and for himself.

“My old man always wants me to stay away from everything and dedicate myself to the balls he takes care of the rest. I hope God will give me something that will benefit and benefit everyone. I’m looking forward to going to Liga MX,” he concluded.

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