Vandalism in the Pinosol sculpture space

November 11, 2021 – 09:09

Veronica Blasco

For four years, a plot of the Pinosol recreational area looked different thanks to the sculptures made by Miguel Ángel Miguel García as a result of the fire that occurred in La Granadella in 2016. Figures made with burned logs that filled this park and its joy to those who visited her.

This altruistic action by the xabiero had the municipal backing, who made a commitment to the artist to be able to maintain it by providing work of adaptation and care; but at the moment this step has not arrived and in fact, vandalism has begun to take over this space.

The rain and humidity of all these years has caused “the figures to rot at the bottom as the trunk is still caught by the roots and making many of them unstable”, the artist comments to Xà who adds that they should be reinstalled on a concrete base “to keep them as new.” But the unfortunate thing is that, these days, one of them has appeared shattered.

Miguel Ángel Miguel indicated that this event was not a consequence of the rain of the last few days, “it could have fallen due to the wind because it was loose from the base but the head of the giraffe has not been found next to the sculpture or in the zone”. Undoubtedly, an action that saddened the artist and made this feeling public through his social networks: “It is outrageous that they do these things for fun …. I have no words to define what it feels like …. Sad to see how my Effort is useless in front of these rabble. “

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