Abinader offers a sanctuary and promises more work for Monte Plata

With hundreds of people in attendance at the official opening of the sanctuary of Santo Cristo de los Milacros, President Louis Abinader and the high Catholic hierarchy made a commitment to the religious structure yesterday.

Abinader also took advantage of the situation and, after a reminder from church officials, promised to complete the reconstruction of two roads connecting the province of Monte Plata.

Since early Friday morning, hundreds of parishioners from the Paiguana community have been stationed around the sanctuary, officially hosted by the large Archbishop of Santo Domingo, Monsignor Francisco Osoria Acosta.

The mass and celebration began at 10:00 am and lasted until 1:00 pm, with the Dominican President last speaking. At the beginning of his presentation, Abinader said that “they will always support the Catholic Church” and promised to close the sanctuary from the first meeting with the Archbishop.

“We immediately held the first meeting with Archbishop Osoria and we promised to continue this work because I have decided on the state policy that not only this job as President, but also the work done by my ancestors should continue,” he commented.

In that regard, the President announced that the second phase of construction of the sanctuary has already been approved, which will include the perimeter wall, offices and service areas. In addition to the sanctuary, Abinader, in response to a previously speaking pastor, said the restoration of the Mella Highway to Bayaguana began last Monday.

Similarly, he said the road from Beguana to Hato Meyer province, which was started under the government of Hibalido Mejia, would “try” to be completed this year and if it is not completed, it will be completed by next February.

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Picking up the microphone after congratulating him on his five-year tenure, Monsignor Osoria said that “a lot of money” has been invested in Santo Cristo de los Milacros and that “there will be critics of the investment”.

To the Lord

“Here we have invested a lot of effort, a lot of resources, a lot of money. The government has given us a lot of money, but without any concern we have dedicated them to God. God’s investment will always be small,” Osoria said, recalling the three presidents who dedicated themselves to building this temple.

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