Abinader advised to implement budgets from SIGEF to guarantee transparency

Santo Domingo, R.D.

President Louis Abinader today instructed officials to implement an efficient budget within the principles of transparency and integrity in public administration used by the government.

In an instruction document addressed to the authorities of autonomous and decentralized NGOs, public social security agencies and NGOs, Abinader reaffirms its management’s interest in fully complying with the objectives of transparency, legitimacy, integrity and credibility. , Lack of time and efficiency in the management of public funds.

Presidential Decree stipulates that all officials of autonomous and decentralized NGOs, social security agencies, and NGOs are instructed to implement their budgets through the Financial Management Information System (SIGEF). Compliance with government transparency objectives in managing state funds.

Similarly, it instructs the Minister of Finance, the Comptroller General of the Republic and the Governing Body of the State Financial Administration (SIAFE) to implement government action.

It adds that such compliance will be supported by the use of the necessary readiness mechanisms “thus the above companies plan and execute their budgets for fiscal 2022, which is the management of public resources in accordance with the principles of integrity, reliability, timeliness, efficiency, legitimacy and transparency”.

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