Abel Martinez on immigration control: Filling the border with soldiers is not enough

After President Louis Abinader’s decision to suspend the special visa program for Haitian students was made public, Santiago’s Mayor Abel Martinez did not agree with the move, instead realizing that it should be too harsh to allow forged documents. To enter the country.

He said there are more than 1,500,000 illegal Haitians in the Dominican Territory, and they are largely responsible for the mafias forging documents that allow them to enter the country.

Abel Martinez understands that the problem in Haiti is far more serious than the suspension of visas for students from that country.

The mayor of Santiago, after pointing out that the situation in Haiti as far as the Dominican Republic is concerned, goes beyond the presence of students who are legally within themselves, saying that filling the border by the military is not enough.

“Those students are the ones who are legal in our country.

Abel Martinez demanded that the authorities not postpone the decision because of the great danger posed by Haitians being illegal in our country.

He reiterated his complaint that mafias continue to operate to facilitate illegal immigration of Haitians to different communities.


A group of Haitian students from various universities in Santiago should focus on the building where their country’s embassy operates in this city and have Caesar granted an indefinite visa to show their disagreement with the decision taken by the Dominican president. For them ..

Joffy Mulnett, an engineering student at the Pontificia Universitaria Católica Madre y Maestra (PUCMM), explained that the move was too serious and that they could not pay for the conflicts between the two countries.

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Another of the Haitians who expressed their displeasure was Malawis Jones, a medical student at the University of Technology (UTESA) in Santiago. Your decision.

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