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As various loudspeakers chanted “E’ pa’ fuera que van”, thousands of citizens today joined the call of the Dominican Liberation Party (PLD), which toured the streets of the Dominican capital with a national parade.

In a tour led by his presidential candidate Abel Martínez and key leaders of that political group, the tour of the purples focused on the entire Duarte Avenue.

The peledeistas joined the “March for Hope” demonstration.

The Pelateista tour ends on George Washington Avenue, a north-south tour of the Dominican capital.

Thousands of citizens supported the “March for Hope” demonstration.Glauco Slimer/LD

The parade was attended by former presidential candidates Margarita Cedeño, Karen Ricardo and Francisco Domínguez Brito, as well as former President Danilo Medina of the Purple and Yellow President of the Republic.

They all chanted slogans and chanted songs warning about the high cost of living and the incompetence of current government officials in responding to national issues.

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