A woman wins a $100,000 lottery prize for being impatient

The impatience of a North Carolina woman named Debra Ross helps her win a massive $100,000 lottery jackpot.. And it is that the player is tired of waiting in line to buy a scratch-off ticket from the Publix store. Because of this, he ended up buying it elsewhere.

Ross decided to get out of line and go to the lottery vending machine, which was located in the same supermarket. This desperate decision earned him $100,000 in the Spectacular Riches instant lottery game.

The lady across from me at the counter was taking too long so I went to the machine to buy there. I saw the amount and said, “Oh my God, it’s $100,000,” Charlotte native Debra Ross told North Carolina Education Lottery officials.

Ross, 61, is a network engineer and bought her scratch card for just $25 last Friday, as reported by a press release. “That was a good Friday, Good Friday,” said the lucky winner.

In the end, Ross walked away with $71,257, after paying the required state and federal taxes.. You plan to use the money to pay off some debts and save the rest.

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