Once again, IES Andrés de Vandelvira is full of science

The Andrés de Vandelvira Institute celebrates its 12th edition “Vandelvira Flag Day. Antonio García Cifuentes Science Competition “to promote hands-on learning and enthusiasm for science among students.

On the 13th and 14th of April, the institute celebrates with an exciting Science Spreading activity where students can apply the knowledge they have gained in their classes, becoming spokesmen for spreading science with the enthusiasm and commitment that characterizes all students and teachers.

This activity is organized by the Department of Physics and Chemistry, and supported by the valuable collaboration between the Departments of Technology, Mathematics, Philosophy, Plastic Arts, Intermediate Training Courses OLAB1 and Higher Education LACC1, as well as the Spanish Association Against Cancer of Albacete, in which students of all courses participate, who work as a team One to design and perform scientific experiments of all kinds over a variety of scientific fields.

During the activity, students show their creativity and skills by creating their own experiments and presenting them to the audience. Visitors, including students and faculty at the center, can enjoy a variety of exciting science activities, including playing a synthesizer, robotics competitions, 3D printing, extracting DNA from bananas, mind illusions and tricks, operating a homemade spectrometer, and arithmetic And get the speed of sound and a variety of physics and chemistry experiments.

This activity is integrated into the IES Andrés de Vandelvira Center’s STEM innovation project, and takes advantage of the resources available with an AULA DEL FUTURO grant allocated to the Center this academic year.

The main objective of the activity is to promote hands-on learning and enthusiasm for science among the students, as well as to increase confidence in their abilities to apply the knowledge they have acquired in the classroom. The activity also allows them to become ambassadors for science and share their knowledge with other students and community members.

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IES Andrés de Vandelvira appreciates the dedication of its students and teachers in celebrating this activity.

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