Clara Xia’s decision amid rumors that she is transgender

A few days ago a strong rumor started circulating about Clara Sia Marti and her identity. Several videos on TikTok and YouTube purported to be a 23-year-old man, causing a stir on social media. For this reason, Gerard Piqué’s girlfriend made a decisive decision, which was seen in her last reappearance with Gerard Piqué captured by the paparazzi.

In this sense, amid rumors that she is a transsexual, Clara Sia Marti decided to change her appearance and appeared different on the streets amid versions about her identity.

What caught the attention was that the public relations student and employee of the Cosmos company, looks more and more like Shakira with her hair color and the way she dresses.

In this way, as the pictures of Sia Marti and Pique’s last date went viral, many users began to speculate about the young woman’s attempt to imitate the Colombian singer. However, they point out that it is not only physical, but also in their attitude.

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In recent weeks, Clara Chía Martí has ​​been seen in luxury stores and driving expensive cars. Now, it remains to be seen whether her decision to change her look has something to do with trying to emulate Shakira, as mentioned in the networks.

Clara Xia's decision amid rumors that she is transgender

However, both the 23-year-old woman and Gerard Pique are oblivious to the strong rumors that Chia Marti is a transsexual, who have proved that they are leaving without making any statement on the matter.

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