A win against Japan and a good game

Columbia exam

The tactical proposal came to Lorenzo, adding goals from Duran and Borre

Japan vs Colombia
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Amid questions left by Colombia against South Korea, FIFA closed the date. A challenge against Japan, an old acquaintance of the World Cups. The race came to Nestor Lorenzo, changes in the eleventh and a lot of movement, which left many highlights. 1 to 2 win against Japan.

Within the so-called generational transition, there are several positions of players to be reckoned with, like Carrascal, Duran, Arias and Castano.

The actions of the game and the wide field allowed Japan to take advantage of the play on the wings, in an action on the left where Machado’s pressure was not great, Machino sent the ball in and Mitoma won the header. Wind for Munoz, scoring the first goal in minute 3.


Columbia exam

Colombia’s response in those first minutes was high pressure, exploiting the width of the field beyond regulation. The ball ends up for Carrascal, who pressures Arias and takes a shot to steal the ball, Schmidt saves it, leaving the rebound to Borre, who tries again at mid-range, where the Japanese goalkeeper responds.

From that point on, Japan dominated the opening and the ball, with plenty of freedom to dribble into the Colombian flanks. In addition, their wingers complicated the task for Uribe and Castaño, leaving them to adjust and the full-backs advanced and played hand-to-hand. Colombia’s complexity was at the start, blocked by the wings and in the middle, with Castano as a connector.

In addition, the pressure is not constant, because Lorenzo does not send them to the task together, only when there are real options to take the ball.

There was no room for a lecture for Colombia, as Carrasquell and Arias worked together to end their personal feud. In the 32nd minute, Arias, positioned in the middle for most of the fight, cut off an attack and left the ball to Machado. The side’s first breakthrough was center to midfield and John Jedder made his debut with Duran Seniors in goal to level things up.

The Japanese were surprised again from the left, taking the ball to the center of the area, this time on the ground and Nishimura, in the 37th minute, finished wide. As the minutes ticked by, Colombia settled into the game unscathed. The inner circuit is connected to the left to initiate the output.

In the second half, Colombia’s aim was to handle the ball and use the right zone, which was not exploited in the first half. In the 59th minute, Carrascal got another clear scoring action, a mid-distance shot saved by Schmidt, and in the ensuing action, the CSKA player hit another powerful shot, the Japanese goalkeeper taking center stage.

In the 62nd minute, John Jader Duran opened up the full right wing, a mistake, but Arias took the ball and continued to lead, the flue player hooked, Schmidt saved, and Borre, who rebounded, scored a great goal. Chilean col with empty Japanese bow.

Japan’s response was down the wing, Ito’s cross from the side allowed Aueda to win between the central defenders and finish with a header. In a complicated play, Camilo Vargas’ hand prevented the goal from falling as the ball hit the ground and spilled earlier.

In the 72nd minute, Lorenzo started to move the team with a double substitution. He took Boré and Arias out, and entered Falcao and Valois. As the final minutes dragged on, the module switched to a 5-4-1, with Duran coming off a dominant performance, allowing Cuesta to step in as the third centre-back.

Bring down the curtain on national teams at least until June to begin participating in qualifiers for 2026, where there will be another FIFA date.

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