A popular actress in China has raised the alarm by posting shocking pictures with her nose after a failed cosmetic surgery

A Chinese actress has issued a warning about the dangers of cosmetic surgery, once distributing images of nasal decongestants that did not work properly.

Kao Liu is a singer and actress who has appeared in many movies and appeared on TV shows and is seen as a rising star. But he has not attracted attention in recent months.

She posted the news on China Weibo, the most popular social site in China, and her absence for several months was caused by a “cosmetic surgery incident” that gave her necrosis of the nose, i.e. the tissue died from its tip, according to BBC News.

Gao released pictures for his 5 million followers, which opened up real discussions about cosmetic surgery, which is very popular in China.

He said in October a friend presented him to a plastic surgeon at a clinic in southern Guangzhou. The actress said she has decided to move forward with nose surgery and thought it would help her life.

“It came to our attention.”After these four hours I thought I would still be beautifulHe told his fans. “I did not expect these four hours to be the beginning of a dream.”

She said she felt her nose after the procedure. “Irritability and Tingling ” Then the infection recurred. Initially it was said that he could return to work by December or January.

Failed makeup function photo of a Chinese actress: China Weibo

The skin on the tip of the nose became darker and darker, and eventually the nose became necrotic.“The actress admitted that she had suicidal thoughts.

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Gao was hospitalized for two months and lost 400,000 yuan (800,61,800) as a result of the failed procedure. He will not be able to have reconstructive surgery next year due to injuries.

The news website released information from the Tianhe District Health Bureau that the hospital where the actress underwent surgery had already received five administrative sanctions, i.e. between March and October 2020, but it is not known which rules she violated.

Several cases have been filed after the actress made her story public and now authorities have launched an investigation.

Cosmetic surgery is very popular among young people in China

On social media, people demanded that those involved in the actress ’actions be held accountable. Others called for better regulation of cosmetic surgery in China.

Cosmetic surgery has been popular in China for many years, and in 2004 a beauty contest was organized for those who had undergone cosmetic surgery.

Practices now exist especially among young people. The South China Morning Post wrote in 2019 that two-thirds of the 20 million Chinese operated in the previous year were under the age of 30, and one-fifth were under the age of 21.

Many high school graduates sought cosmetic procedures before going to college, hoping they would increase their chances from a professional point of view, but also in love.

The growing demand for cosmetic surgery has led to the emergence of unrecognized clinics in China that employ unskilled surgeons.

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