A phone conversation between Dani Alves and Jonah Chance from prison comes to light

AndOver the past few days there have been several media outlets echoing the information presented in ‘El Programa de Ana Rosa’. Jonah Chance He would have filed for divorce Daniel Alves, who is currently in jail. Faced with such a situation, it was the footballer’s current partner who came forward with the information and assured: “I would like to make it clear that the latest information about the things I have said is completely false. I have not contacted any media or any particular journalist.

Now, back to ‘The Ana Rosa Program’, Joanna confirms that Chance I announced the decision to separate With a phone callBecause it has to be remembered Dani Alves preferred not to give his partner a vis a vis. It should be noted that he didn’t do it with her or any of his family or friends. In said call Joanna would have told him her intentions Alves reportedly already knew through his lawyers.

In the brief call, Alves reportedly said he didn’t want to lose his wife and expressed that to her. “He told her he loved her”, they promise from the project, while they assure that their environment has advised Chance to stop his public statements through his social networks. It should be remembered that Jonah Sanz has deleted most of the pictures from his Instagram Appeared in it with AlvesAlthough not all.

According to journalist Leticia Requejo, the model responded to Alves’ comment: “Joanna responds and tells her that she knows about her immediate present and wants to have a conversation to give her the explanations she needs.“. A response to “That doesn’t mean Joanna is backing down from the divorce decision…she is, at least to date, Stands firm on that end“.

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