A mariachi group gives an old man a song, bringing her to tears

Committee on May 10 Mariachi AzucenasLeón, Guanajuato, shared an emotional video made by women in which you can see how an elderly woman burst into tears after being given a little serenade.

In the publication they made on their account TikTokThey mentioned: “We were working and in the distance we saw a lady looking at us from her window, we were so longing to see her, we decided to give her a song for Mother’s Day, her reaction was so beautiful” .

In the video, you can see how they approached the woman’s window and played the song ‘Aanbe’. On hearing the chords, the lady bursts into tears. At the end, the group congratulated the lady, who stood up and commented: “Thank you very much, I was very upset.”

In the release, the team noted: “We decided to give him a little of what we could, this is our job and the emotion he felt is indescribable, we hope to cheer his heart a little.”

“It was a great satisfaction for us to see that emotional moment that God gives us to share. Blessings to all moms on your day. Always share with others,” they concluded.

In another video, they are shown giving a song to a woman selling on the street, to which they say, “I think all mothers deserve happiness in this world, and if we can give them some of that, it doesn’t cost us anything, instead, we want to see other people happy. To all the mothers in the world.” Blessings.

The post generated comments such as: “I love you girls for making such a beautiful girl’s heart happy”, “They made me cry. There are moms who don’t get serenaded, maybe this one”, “Thank you for bringing such a beautiful serenade to that girl”, “I was eating, You already made me cry”, “What a nice gesture from you to celebrate this beautiful women’s day”, “Many women can’t give their children these details, it’s a very nice gesture”.

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Mariachi Azucenas thanked for the comments on his Twitter account. Facebook: “We feel such great emotion, they say what you do with your heart comes back to you, thanks for the many beautiful messages and blessings we have received from all of you”

“Our video went viral on Tik Tok, it was never our intention but it is a beautiful feeling to share and we are very happy. Thank you for your love and affection towards us.”

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