A liberating space was born in Jujuy

Jujuy’s democracy in recent years has been the scene of the deterioration of the initially seemingly poor rights of citizens. Social and civil rights were referred to as a result of periodic economic, social and political crises, functional for the dismantling of the state.

The deterioration of institutions and their impact on democracy had an initial reaction to this initiative to organize, to set aside differences, and to hold a large “open hall”, which I understand seeks some kind of rebuilding of the state and democratic order.

There is a noticeable social deficit in Jujuy that is not even remotely contained and taken care of by the state.

Hence these initiatives, which are not binding but useful as a space to make an echo in a community that does not feel represented or heard and requires more empowerment.

Thus, citizenship seeks to strengthen itself from media responsibility about problems in the context of county government.

The significance of creating these spaces is very significant as they promote the free expression of Jujeños who are tormented by the methodologies of silence operating from the House of Government.

There is the concept of incomplete citizenship because it can only be achieved if people have a minimum of security: materials, health, education and social protection, all the incomplete issues in Jujuy. But the existing system robs the citizen of power and demands fall into paths of no return.

These meetings framed in the “Council Open” are a wake-up call to the supported people, who are maintained in accordance with an ethics of compassion that have been exhausted because they need more freedom, to be able to fly, and for this it is necessary to design a democratic charter system that expels patriarchy that solves nothing and holds everyone hostage.

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Poorly organized discontent today is organized under the shape of this new space.

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